Vertical Wooden Fencing

Our Vertical Wooden Fencing creates attractive barriers and boundaries that protect your privacy and property whilst enhancing the visual impact of your outdoor space.

* Fence carries a 7 year guarantee

Plain Horizontal Wooden Fencing

A cost effective solution to privacy while maintaining style. Most often used as a wall extension or to ultimately add privacy or screening to any part of your garden at an affordable price.

* Fence carries a 7 year guarantee 

Elite Panel Fencing

A stylish double sided fence, that looks the same from both sides. The perfect solution to separate areas .Our Elite panel fence comes in various standard heights or can be custom made to fit. 

* Fence carries a 7-year guarantee. 

Woven Horizontal Wooden Fencing

It’s a true statement fence thanks to its beautiful bowing of woven wood. Our Woven Horizontal Wooden Fencing can complete any garden whilst providing security and privacy.

* Fence carries a 7 year guarantee 

Machined Pine Fencing

Our Machine Pine Fences offer style and class and are mostly used for smaller areas requiring privacy or screening. Our materials are planed smooth and then varnished, with a wide variety of varnish colours available. 

* Fence carries a 3 Year guarantee 

Louvre Panel Fencing

Looking to shield your backyard from prying eyes? With our Louvre Panel Fencing, you can erect a stylish privacy screen that’s sure to provide you and your family with privacy and security.

* Fence carries a 7 year guarantee 

Picket Fencing

Our standard picket fencing is a cost effect way to close off areas in your garden or fence off a swimming pool. This fence offers an easy, decorative option to separate areas of a garden.

* Fence carries a 7 year guarantee

Ranch Fencing

Close off any area with the stylish Rach Fencing. Offered with Weld mesh or without, it is the perfect solution to contain animals or separate areas.

* Fence carries a 5 year guarantee

Thatching Laths Fence

This fence is perfect to capture the bush feeling. Usually used as a screening or to complete entertainment areas. Various heights available, as well as the option of Horizontal or Vertical finish.

* Fence carries a 3 year guarantee 


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